IRTS Course: Learning from experts and examples

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Welcome to our course “Learning from experts and good examples”.

This course focuses on showcasing and sharing good examples from our network of doers, practitioners and change-makers who work with migrants and refugees all over Europe and beyond. The main aim of the course is to share experiences, ideas, examples and learnings from different organisations, clubs and projects.

When building this course, we reached out to Integration of Refugees through Sport (IRTS) Networking Platform partners and stakeholders, engaging as many organisations, clubs and experts from the network as possible to share and present their work. We have hosted a series of webinars, recorded interviews and made case studies of specific examples that will inspire and motivate you when challenges arise.

We see this course as an open course, meaning that we will be adding a variety of examples to it over the upcoming months, and hopefully years. And we would like to add yours too. Do you have an example, activity or project from your organisation or club that could inspire others and at the same time give you visibility too?

If so, please fill out this short questionnaire and we’ll get in touch with you.

The topics of the course were chosen on the basis of discussions and consultations with IRTS partners and stakeholders as well as informal conversations with doers and changer-makers from all over Europe. As this is an ever-evolving and fluctuating course, we’re open to adding additional topics.

Module 1: COVID19 or when control and planning are overrated

Module 2: Never stop learning!

Module 3: Step up with migrants and refugees!

Module 4: Include everyone!

Module 5: Work together for bigger impact!

Module 6: Empowering female migrants and refugees

Module 7: Building bridges with intercultural dialogue

Module 8: Sustainable funding for migrant sports activities

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