Topic 4: Collection of online courses and resources

Topic Progress:

Below you can find collection of online courses and resources for organisations working in the field of integration of migrants and refugees.  

Sport for Sustainable Development: Designing Effective Policies and Programmes

Learn how to make a positive impact in and through sport

Sport has been recognised as an enabler of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the 2030 Agenda. Organisations worldwide are using sport to contribute to the SDGs and other goals, addressing issues ranging from health and education to employment, and conflict resolution.

On this course, you will look at the benefits and limitations of using sport in development. You will learn to design, implement, and measure the impact of sport-based policies and programmes using best practices.

You will explore key concepts on sport and gender equality, disability, human rights, social inclusion, peacebuilding, good governance and safeguarding.  

Football Including Refugees in Europe

Many volunteers in clubs and associations all across Europe have already launched small projects and initiatives to help refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers integrating through football clubs. Many other would like to, but are unsure how to go about it

The FIRE Mooc aims to understand all the steps involved in setting up a project to include refugees through football. It is free, online and interactive. digital platform is a digital platform, developed in partnership between UEFA and Terre des hommes Foundation, providing a central online information and learning resource aiming at enhancing the knowledge, skills and practices in football to build capacity for creating safer football environments so that all children who play football are kept safe from any form of harm or abuse.