Integration of Refugees Through Sport course

This online course was designed together with partners of Integration of Refugees through Sport project with funding from the NordPlus and Erasmus+ programme. Its main aim is to encourage and support initiatives in the field of integration of refugees.

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Welcome to the Integration of Refugees Through Sport online course.

In 2016, ISCA, with funding from the Nordplus and Erasmus+ programme, started working on two projects addressing a sensitive topic and vulnerable target group that has been the subject of great debate in Europe this decade: integration of refugees. The projects are bringing together experts from the Nordic countries, the UK, Italy and Germany to map and explore ways of integrating refugees into European societies through sport and physical activity.

Despite many political challenges that clubs, organisations, various NGOs and even individuals working with refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers face in daily work, we are optimistic and motivated to change things, slowly, but hopefully with everlasting results for an inclusive and democratic society of tomorrow. We strive to work together with refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers to find solutions for challenges we’re all facing in Europe. Sport and physical activity is a good tool to do so, not only for an inclusive society, but also so we can all be healthy, physically and mentally.

This course is one of the solutions we are offering to you – individual, representative of grassroots sport organisation, local communities or social services. To you who would like to learn more about how to implement sport and physical activities for refugees, understand the different principles of integration and to learn or improve skills and competences working with refugees.

Meet the experts that will guide you through the course and share their experiences.