Grassroots Sport Diplomacy course

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Welcome to the Grassroots Sport Diplomacy online course.

By completing 4 modules and utilising the learning materials you will be able to describe Grassroots Sport Diplomacy and be able distinguish it from sport diplomacy, cultural diplomacy and other related concepts. We will guide you in identifying key actors who carry out Grassroots Sport Diplomacy, and you will also learn how to approach relevant stakeholders who can work with you on Grassroots Sport Diplomacy actions. We present examples of Grassroots Sport Diplomacy for your inspiration and two in-depth case studies from our partners to take you step-by-step through the process of engaging in this type of action, and to understand common challenges to this work and how to overcome them. We believe that after completing the full course you will understand how to design and develop a Grassroots Sport Diplomacy initiative of your own. Enjoy the journey!

Sesc Pompeia | Dança Africana com Grupo Gumboot. Data 22-09-2018. Foto: Zé Carlos Barretta/Sesc.