ActiveVoice online course

This is tool that will help you to build your capacity in advocating for physical activity and healthy lifestyle. By following the learning content prepared for you and investing time in reading, listening, learning by doing and completing the test, you will understand advocacy and its purpose, different types of advocacy and principles of advocacy. Your journey will be composed of many different activities with a practical approach, based on informal and non-formal education, prepared by leading European organisations who are experienced in the promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyle.

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8 Modules

The online course is structured according to the topics:

  • Self-assessment tool for your organisation’s advocacy
  • Why advocate for physical activity and healthy lifestyle?

To understand advocacy and its purpose, different types of advocacy and principles of advocacy

  • Introduction to Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA)

To understand the HEPA, its activities and policy documents that can help you in advocacy for health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA)

  • Advocacy for cycling and active mobility

To understand how to become an advocacy leader, how to work with different stakeholders and how to fundraise for cycling, transportation and active mobility

  • Physical activity, health and sports clubs

In this topic we will look at how policy makers and civil society can work with sports facilities of all sizes to promote active and healthier lifestyles

  • Become an advocacy leader in physical Education, physical activity and school sport

Here you will find knowledge and materials related to advocacy for physical activity in the education sector and for cooperation between schools and sport clubs. We provide you advice on how to build active school communities by developing strong partnerships between sport organisations, schools and municipalities.

  • Obesity prevention and behaviour change

This part of the eLearning will give you knowledge about how to advocate for increased political attention on obesity prevention, how to encourage the expansion of the scientific evidence base relating to obesity prevention and how to foster links between relevant stakeholders across the public and private sectors.

Each topic has a list of learning outcomes and each topic is structured as follows:

  •   Introduction to the topic
  •   Learning content (pdf documents or videos)
  •   Learning by doing – exercises that will teach you “Advocacy in practice”
  •   Tips and tricks
  •   Test

In order to get the full experience of the ActiveVoice eLearning, it is recommended to use a computer or tablet and not a smartphone.

The topics may be taken in any order, and a certificate is available upon completion of each topic with a test. If you get interrupted during a topic, you can pause it and resume at any time.